Meet Joni

About Joni

Joni Albano-Mailander is a top realtor in Colorado Springs focused on getting you settled in your very own dream home. Her experience in the industry is in-depth and extensive. From the building process to move-in she is the go to professional you need on your side.

Looking to sell your current home? Joni is efficient and knows what it takes to get offers on the table in record time. While other agents are letting listing services find buyers, Joni puts in the extra work needed to get your home under contract quicker.

Whether you are looking for a new home or thinking about selling your current home, give Joni a call today. It's free and there is no obligation.

Don't forget to ask about her Love it or Leave it Guarantee!

Joni has a passion for family. She applies this passion in her quest to help families find a living space that best suits their family's dynamic needs. With three children from a teenager to a preschooler, there isn't much that Joni can't relate to when it comes to accommodating everyone in the family and streamlining your home life.

Joni is also a fabulous realtor who has been in the real estate industry since her teenage years. As a homeowner, she understands the process from the client's point of view. She can provide invaluable information from the search process, to the home building process, all the way to the move in. So take advantage of her experience by asking her the questions on your mind!

Choosing a real estate professional is a pivotal decision. According to the National Association of Realtors, the average realtor has 11 closings per year. Additionally, it is said that most agents leave the industry within the first two years.  Within the first year of obtaining her license, Joni has more than 20 closings to her name. You will not find more personalized service anywhere. Joni pays attention to what clients are looking for.

There is no place like the mall! Joni is always up for a shopping experience. If you're new in town, ask her where to head for all of your shopping needs!

Joni is also a fitness enthusiast who loves the outdoors, participating in events like the Color Run, the Dirty Dash, and class trips with her three children. She doesn't mind getting messy, whether it's for a client, for her kids, or on a run.

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