Choosing someone to represent you in the real estate market is a pivotal decision. Hear what others who have been where you are have to say about Joni.
" I was hesitant to approach Joni about helping me find a rental. I know realtors don't make a lot of money on rentals and Joni is such an experienced realtor I hated to waste her time. Since I was desperate, I figured I'd ask her for advice. She went above and beyond helping me find a place. She was so professional, you'd think I was a million dollar client. She personally showed me places that fit all my criteria, showing she listened to all my needs. I would recommend her to anyone. She is an amazing realtor and just a great person. It was a pleasure working with her! "
– Enjoli Muthu

" Joni has been very helpful in the process of buying my new home. She answered all of my questions and was very responsive. She continues to keep me updated on the progress of construction on my new place. I highly recommend her. "
– Amber A.

" My daughter is building her first home, which can be an exhausting provess! However, Joni has made the process very stress free and enjoyable! Everytime we talk to Joni her attitude is always positive, and friendly. She is quick with her responses and has no problem solving issues that arise. Joni definitely goes above and beyond for her clients! She has taken pictures of the home as it progresses and sends them to me and my daughter so we can see how everything is coming along! Joni is extremely reliable, this eliminates stress on our part as we don't have to worry about anything. Joni is amazing and I would highly recommend her to anyone who needs a realtor
– Anonymous

" Joni was awesome and a great deal of help during the whole process. We loved her gift basket for the home buying too! She gave us thorough details on the home buying process and the VA loan too. She was there when we signed the papers and still keeps in touch with us. "
– Dizzy406

" Joni Mailander is such a joy to work with. She will always be my go to realtor. She made our home buying process very comfortable from the start. She was prompt, thorough, fast and so kind. She also introduced us to Lilli, the most amazing loan officer ever! I am so grateful for this woman! We have a beautiful town home. We are very happy with the entire process and Joni made that possible, Thank you again Joni! "
– Sue Lynn Smith

" I'm glad I got lucky with Joni with my first home. She is very knowledgeable about pretty much anything I've asked her. Response time is usually within 1 day (even the weekends) whenever I have a question. Dealing with her is like dealing with the genius bars at the Apple Store, everything is easy and fluid. I've also given her quite a bit of trouble lately, but she seem to go out of her way to try to resolve any issues I have (ex: problematic closing dates). Her personality also makes the whole experience very stress free. Would definitely recommend! "
– George Mou

" I went to an Open House at the Town homes on Powers about a year ago. I'm waiting for those town homes to build a new community off of Milton Proby & Powers. Joni was very good at answering all my questions and offering solutions suited to my situation. I thought she was very professional and knowledgeable. I have a family friend in real estate but I thought that I would like to work with Joni instead. Great first impression!! "
– Peanutty314

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